Salted Double Caramel Smoothie


Salted Double Caramel Smoothie

LUCUMA, the Gold of the Incas is a fruit native to Peru, Chile and Ecuador.  It has a lovely and gentle caramel flavour hence adding to  this salted double caramel smoothie it’s delicious  caramel flavour. Lucuma is  nutritious as well as being  a rich source of Beta-carotene, B3, calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and also has antioxidant benefits. 
But as for me this powder has some pretty special uses, from smoothies to coffee and even cakes and bakes. So what better way to get you loving this fruit powder than by my salted double caramel  smoothie.
Unlike the typical caramels that you can make or buy,  that are laden with refined sugars this drink is sweetened with dates and lucuma and does not have that sickly taste like most other caramels. Because lucuma is nutritious it’s one of those guilt free pleasures you will enjoy having without having to worry about the effects of a sugar overload.
So if it is too cold for you to drink why not warm it up?  Whether icy cold or warm there’s nothing like drinking salted caramel with it’s creamy, velvety smooth texture.


8 Medjool Dates, pitted
2 heaped tablespoons Toasted Almond Butter
600 ml Plant based Milk ( I use either  almond or coconut milk)
Pinch Sea Salt
1 heaped teaspoon Lucuma Powder
1 cup Ice Cubes



Put dates, almond butter, milk, salt, lucuma powder  and ice cubes into blender and blend till smooth.  Taste, if you find it too sweet then add some more milk. 

I like it the way it is.  So pour into glasses and serve.

TIP – Instead of using plain salt , try a pinch of  sea salt smoked in Beechwood ( I use Salt Odyssey Brand available online from )


Serves 2