Salted maple pecan Bark

Sometimes you feel like a sweet treat or a piece of chocolate and either you feel guilty for having it or there isn’t any.  Not anymore!  Only problem we find,  and yes it’s not just me, is that it’s so moreish. You find yourself walking to and fro to the freezer and grabbing another piece, it’s so  hard stopping at one.
Its relatively cheap once you haven the basic ingredients and you can experiment with different flavour combinations. But I must say that pecans and maple syrup seem like the perfect match. Crunchy from the pecans yet smooth and creamy with the right amount of sweetness. Reminiscent of Pecan Pie just so cool and tantilising, it’s almost like a pecan pie ice cream…..Oh stop it , I need to make some more.  



1 cup Cacao Butter

1 cup Toasted Coconut Butter

¼ cup Maple Syrup

Pinch Sea Salt

1 cup Raw Pecans, chopped roughly

½ cup Dried Apple, diced

1 cup dried White Mulberries




Heat cacao butter in medium saucepan gently over low heat until melted.

Add coconut butter, maple syrup and salt  and whisk till smooth and blended.

Pour mixture into a baking paper lined tin (37 cm x 27cm).

Sprinkle over the pecans, apple and mulberries.  Put tray into freezer and chill for 15 to 20 minutes or until set.

Remove baking tray from freezer and break bark into chunks, whatever size suits you

Put bark into a container or plastic bag. Store in freezer.