Strawberry Bircher, so delicious and nutritious. I had always loved bircher muesli but oats are not on the menu being a grain  so today I reached for the coconut yogurt in the fridge and came up with this , this strawberry bircher is such a great replacement. Just check out the ingredients in this.

Chia flour is so full of nutrients and little calories, high in protein and loaded with antioxidants and then there is hemp seeds which are exceptionally nutritious, rich in protein, fibre and healthful fatty acids

Walnuts to help with decreasing inflammation are also rich in antioxidants and promote a healthy gut and then there’s Brazil  nuts although being classified a nut are actually a seed. They offer powerful nutritious benefits, including providing antioxidants, improving brain function and boosting heart health. 

Then there’s also the humble Raw Cacao which offers health benefits  including  decreased inflammation, heart and brain health, are antioxidant rich  and makes us happy thanks to phenylthylamine .

So why wouldn’t you want to eat this bowl of goodness? Not to mention the strawberries  which are a potent little package that not only protects your heart, it is packed with vitamins, fibre, and polyphenols      ( antioxidants).

So there you have it, all the health reasons as to why you should eat this Strawberry Bircher, now what about the taste?  Well, this Strawberry Bircher is both smooth and creamy with a crunch from the nuts. Now I have used home made Strawberry Jam, unlike other jams, mine doesn’t have excessive amounts of sugar. So if yours doesn’t have a low sugar content then stew up enough strawberries with a little added maple syrup and vanilla bean as a substitute to use.  Want it raw?  Then puree or mash the fresh strawberries.  

Top with extra sliced strawberries, a few dark chocolate chips or even chopped nuts or hemp seeds. Great for breakfast, a healthy snack or dessert. Enjoy your bowl of deliciousness. 


500 grams Natural Coconut Yogurt ( I used Aldi Yoconuts)
1 cup Strawberry Puree or homemade Strawberry Jam
2 tablespoons Chia Flour
½ cup Hemp Seeds
¼ cup Walnuts, chopped
2 tablespoons Cacao Mass, chopped fine or can use Cacao Nibs
¼ cup Brazil Nuts, chopped
2 tablespoons Blood Orange Juice (can use any other orange juice- freshly squeezed)


Into a large bow add yogurt, strawberry puree, chia flour, hemp seeds, walnuts, cacao, brazil nuts and orange juice. Stir until thoroughly combined. Divide mixture into 4 bowls. Top with toppings suggested or any of your favourite.


Sliced Strawberries
Dark Chocolate Chips
Hemp Seeds
Brazil Nuts